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v3.8 · Oct 18, 2022 (2 years ago)
App Name Yolikers
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Social networks have become by themselves a very important commercial distribution channel, so any individual or company that wants to reinforce its brand for whatever purpose is practically mandatory to go through them.

An autoliker for Facebook
And although it is not known in detail how the algorithms that grant more or less authority to a publication on Facebook, one of the most important social networks, it can be taken for granted that the amount of reactions it gets has a relevant weight when it comes to its visibility. That is why there are apps to get likes automatically and, in this way, reach a wider audience. And among them is Yolikers.

The operation of this application is very simple, but it will get you hundreds of positive reactions quickly. Just follow this procedure:

Step 1: login to the app using the credentials of the Facebook account you are going to link and want to boost.
Step 2: solve the captcha that indicates that you are a person... or at least that you are a smart robot that knows how to reoslver captchas.
Step 3: enter the URL with the post you want to promote.
Step 4: wait 15 minutes before promoting another post.
As you can see it's very easy, but don't expect a spectacular interface design. What you can expect, as an advertisement, is to be penalized by the social network for resorting to this type of app. Remember that these shortcuts are against the policies of these platforms.

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