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App Name Unicorn VPN
Latest Version 6
Update Jun 13, 2024 (1 month ago)
Size 78 MB
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Developer ZharApps
Android OS Android 5.0+
Google Play ID com.unicornvpn.freevpns
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What sets Unicorn VPN apart from other VPN services is its commitment to user privacy. Unlike many VPN providers, Unicorn VPN does not log your browsing history or sell your data to third parties. This means you can enjoy complete peace of mind knowing that your online activities remain private and confidential.

Not only does Unicorn VPN keep your data secure, but it also offers a range of features and benefits that enhance your online experience. Let's explore some of these incredible features:

Split Tunneling (Android)
One of the standout features of Unicorn VPN is Split Tunneling. This innovative technology gives you greater control over your internet traffic and allows you to optimize your online experience. With Split Tunneling, you can choose which apps you want to route through the VPN, ensuring added security and privacy. For apps that don't require a VPN, they can access the internet directly, resulting in faster connection speeds. This flexibility empowers you to customize your online experience to meet your specific needs, ensuring both security and performance.

Multi-hop mode
If you're looking to take your security to the next level, Unicorn VPN has you covered with its robust multi-hop mode. By encrypting and forwarding your data through multiple server nodes, multi-hop mode prevents data eavesdropping, tracking, and effectively hides your real IP address and location. This additional layer of security ensures that your online activities are virtually untraceable, granting you the freedom to access the internet without any limitations or concerns.

Private Servers
Unicorn VPN understands the importance of personalized and uninterrupted access to the internet. That's why each user gets their own fixed IP4 address, guaranteeing a seamless and secure connection. By having a private server, you can reap the benefits of enhanced internet freedom while avoiding illegal intrusions and cyber threats. Unicorn VPN takes your privacy seriously and strives to provide a safe and secure environment for all your online activities.

24/7 Support
In addition to its outstanding security features, Unicorn VPN also offers 24/7 support to ensure that your experience is smooth and hassle-free. Whether you have a technical issue, need help setting up your VPN, or simply have general inquiries, Unicorn VPN's dedicated support team is always ready to assist you. With their prompt and knowledgeable assistance, you can rest assured that you'll never be left alone to troubleshoot any issues that may arise.

Bypass Geo-Restrictions and Access the World's Content
One of the biggest frustrations for internet users is facing geo-restrictions that limit access to certain websites or content. With Unicorn VPN, these restrictions become a thing of the past. By connecting to Unicorn VPN's global network of servers, you can easily bypass geo-restrictions and access the world's content, no matter where you are located. Whether it's streaming your favorite TV shows, accessing region-specific websites, or playing online games, Unicorn VPN's extensive server network ensures that you're always connected to the content you love.

Unicorn VPN is more than just a VPN service; it's your gateway to complete online freedom and security. With its user-friendly interface, powerful security features like Split Tunneling and multi-hop mode, private servers, and 24/7 support, Unicorn VPN has earned its place amongst the top VPN services available today.

In a world where online threats are constantly evolving, protecting your personal information and maintaining your privacy is of utmost importance. Unicorn VPN understands these concerns and is determined to provide you with the highest level of security and peace of mind. With Unicorn VPN, you can confidently browse the internet, knowing that your identity and data remain safeguarded.

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