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v3.9.0 · May 16, 2024 (3 days ago)

Adventure of Romance and Wits

App Name Tears of Themis
Latest Version 3.9.0
Size 281 MB
Category Simulation
Downloads 1M+
Android OS Android 5.0+
Google Play ID com.miHoYo.tot.glb
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What seemed to be independent cases slowly begins to link together and form a larger picture.
The hand behind it all has no regards for social order and aims only to destroy all that is decent and good.
As the truth becomes more obscure and shrouded in mystery, the lines between good and evil blurs. With the world against you and the words of reason falling on deaf ears...
Will you still be determined to stand by your choices and beliefs?

◆Evidence Collection - Search the scene and uncover the truth
Discover delicate evidence and items lying at the crime scene and reveal the truth.
Acquire testimonies from suspects. Analyze and compare their testimonies to contradicting clues found on them to uncover the key evidence.
Defeat your opponents in the court of law with logic and wits to deliver true justice!

◆Exquisite Dynamic Illustrations - Learn everything about him
The exquisite Dynamic Illustrations brings cards to life, forever framing your treasured memory with him in vivid detail.
Once a personal story is unlocked, you will begin to receive video calls from your special someone! Indulge in his resonating voice and daily interactions!
Go on dates that will make you melt and experience heart-racing intimate moments.

◆Precious Memories - Create cherished memories together
Every character has their unique story arcs that hide his most well-guarded secrets.
Venture deeper into his heart by completing these stories to learn the truth about him, creating memories that belong to just the two of you.

◆Personal Lounge - A Private Space for You and Them
The new Lounge feature is now available. Collect blueprints and build furniture to furnish the sweet space where you spend cozy days with them.

Offical Website:https://tot.hoyoverse.com/en-us/
Offical Twitter Account:https://twitter.com/TearsofThemisEN
Offical Facebook Fanpage:https://www.facebook.com/tearsofthemis.glb
Customer Service:[email protected]
SimulationSingle playerAnimeStylizedInteractive story
What's new
- Past MR cards Added to the Reunion MR Event, "Reunion at Stellis"
- New Reward in the Reunion MR Event, "Reunion at Stellis"
- Customer Service Center Can Now Support Video Upload
- Optimized the size of all resource files for the Android apps.
- Optimized the crash issue on some Android models
- Optimized the expiry notification for Monthly Fund
- Optimized the display style of the avatars in the Friends List

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