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Money: save & spend gold

The account designed to protect your money. Save and spend in gold, not pounds.

App Name Tally
Latest Version 4.24.0
Update Jun 25, 2024 (3 weeks ago)
Size 136 MB
Category Finance
Downloads 50K+
Developer TallyMoney Ltd
Android OS Android 7.0+
Google Play ID com.tally.android
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Tally Description

Tally is the world’s first non-fiat personal account that uses money backed by physical gold to protect the long-term value of your savings.

With a one-off activation fee of £19, you get access to cutting-edge technology that turns your physical gold into spendable money.

With interest on savings at an all-time low, you may as well keep your money in a piggy bank. But even a piggy bank can’t stop your money from losing value through inflation.

Every time more fiat currency (i.e. pounds) is created, your money silently loses value. It’s silent because you don’t see your bank balance going down; you’re just able to buy less with your savings in future, as inflation devalues the pound and drives up the price of goods and services.

Because gold is a physical asset, it cannot be devalued by artificially increasing supply. And whilst the value of gold does fluctuate (up and down), historically, its value has increased over time, making it ideal for savers.

Using tally is like using a foreign currency at home without the fees and charges, but with the knowledge that it’s a better currency than the one you were previously forced to use (pounds).

Whenever fiat currency is transferred into your Tally Everyday Account, those funds are instantly converted into tally. Each tally represents 1mg of LBMA-accredited gold purchased on your behalf at the precise moment the funds are received.

Every time you withdraw cash, transfer money out, or make a purchase using the app or Tally Debit Mastercard®, the corresponding tally is deducted from your balance, and the related LBMA-accredited gold is sold on your behalf.

Your balance is displayed in tally but also shows you the live exchange rate (i.e. what your tally is worth in pounds). As with any foreign exchange comparison, the pound value shown in your account will fluctuate daily in line with the global gold price.


PEACE OF MIND Tally is not debt-based money. Your money is never invested or leveraged to create new loans that can be defaulted on.

CONTROL Because your money is tied to a physical asset outside the global banking system, no government or bank can sue your money or restrict your access. It’s safe, secure, and in your control.

FREEDOM Tally is a global currency with no added foreign exchange fees or markups. And we don’t charge for ATM withdrawals, even when travelling abroad.

CONFIDENCE Tally is LBMA-approved gold converted from/to fiat currency at the global gold wholesale price, regardless of transaction size. There are no added markups, fees or minimum quantities.

CLARITY There are no hidden fees. We charge a one-off activation fee of £19 and an annual account keeping fee of 0.9% of your average balance (calculated daily, charged monthly) to cover storage, insurance, and operational costs.

To start using Tally, download TallyMoney and have your photo ID ready. Once we confirm your identity, pay your activation fee before making your first deposit from a non-Tally account (in your name) into your Tally Everyday Account! Find out more at www.tallymoney.com.

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