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v2.3.3 · May 17, 2024 (3 days ago)

Built to provide you with the best set of information straight from your wrist!.

App Name STF Kronos
Latest Version 2.3.3
Size 66 MB
Category Health & Fitness
Downloads 100K+
Developer Stuffactory
Android OS Android 8.0+
Google Play ID com.stflatam.stfkronos
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STF Kronos Description

STF Kronos app is the companion app specially designed for the STF Kronos SB1003HZ,SB1730HZ, SB1357H,SB1330H,SW1314HN,SB1258H smartwatches and iGET A6.

The app and the smartwatch together provide you with the best set of information straight from your wrist. It will also notify you when receiving incoming calls, text messages or social networks notifications.

STF Kronos redefines convenience, allowing you to effortlessly connect and unlock the full potential of your wearable tech.

Without compromising your style, our sport smartwatch is not only a traditional smartwatch but a powerful sport computer to monitor your performance in real time, and also let you receive/Reply text message and notifications from your smartphone.

Key Features:

Effortless Pairing: Say goodbye to complicated setups. STF Kronos makes pairing your smartwatch with your smartphone a quick and hassle-free process.

Notifications at a Glance: Stay connected without missing a beat. Receive all your smartphone notifications directly on your smartwatch, so you're always in the know.

Call Management: Manage your calls with ease. Answer, reject, or mute incoming calls directly from your wrist, ensuring you stay connected on the go. Tailored Alerts: Customize your notifications to suit your preferences. Choose which apps and alerts you want to receive on your smartwatch.

Find Your Phone: Can't locate your phone? No problem! STF Kronos can trigger a ring on your smartphone, even when it's on silent mode.

Music Control: Take control of your music. Play, pause, skip tracks, and adjust the volume directly from your smartwatch.

Health Data Sync: Ensure your health and fitness data is always up-to-date. STF Kronos syncs seamlessly between your smartwatch and smartphone, helping you stay motivated.

Remote Camera Capture: Capture the perfect shot with ease. Use your smartwatch as a remote shutter button for your smartphone's camera. Device Compatibility: STF Kronos supports a wide range of smartwatches and smartphones. Check our compatibility list to ensure your devices are supported.

STF Kronos empowers you to make the most of your smartwatch. Download the app now and experience a more connected and convenient lifestyle, all from your wrist.
Health & Fitness

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