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Your kids, great with money! The youth account, app + card, that parents control

App Name SquareOne
Latest Version 3.19.1
Update Jun 13, 2024 (1 month ago)
Size 89 MB
Category Finance
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Developer Emerge Group
Android OS Android 8.0+
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How do we teach our kids about money? When they just see us tap our cards every day, it's impossible for them to connect the dots... Where does money come from? What's it worth in the real world, and how hard is it to get?

Enter SquareOne: Their first contactless card and account, with smart parental controls. Pocket money, jobs, savings... In a way they understand. We're a Kiwi team on a mission to empower our next generation, by helping them be great with money. We had to learn the hard way, so we want something better for our kids - and yours.

+ Your first card (it's also eco-plastic!) = you get to understand how money works
+ A personal money app. This is NOT your grandad's bank.
+ Set savings goals + hit your targets = get what you want + need
+ Track your spend = Experience money + build lifelong habits of great money management
+ Check your balance and transactions in real time (+ no nasty overdrafts)
+ Complete jobs (+ set up your own earning opportunities) to earn extra money
+ Repay your parents with a tap
+ Easily freeze your SquareOne card if you lose it (+ it's selfie-ready with no details on the card)
+ Send + receive money with friends, instantly

+ Automatic pocket money + instant money transfers = help them experience using money for real
+ Set spending rules and limits for kids = You create the boundaries
+ R18 merchants are blocked...how has no one done this yet?
+ Contactless / online / international payments / friend-2-friend transfers...? You decide.
+ See recent transactions in real time and monitor their savings goals
+ Top up with a tap + all your kids in one place

We're a proud Kiwi fintech. Join us on this mission to uplift + empower our next generation by helping them be great with money. Our founders are 2 mates with young families. As the kids grow up we’re teaching them lots - including teaching them about money. When we were kids we had piggy-banks, savings books and star charts. We could count our money, and see our physical pile of cash and coins break down as we spent. We could also watch it build up as we did jobs and saved…

And that’s how it was done for generations. But the move to a cashless world has caught everyone off-guard. Options for youth accounts are limited, and the market’s approach is out of date, and out of touch. So we’re fixing it. For our kids, and yours.

Cheers, from the whole SquareOne team.

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