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App for You to Read and Generate your QR Codes Quickly, Simply and Directly.

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Simple, fast and direct application for you to read, write and generate your QR Codes. :

✅ Quickly read QR Codes;
✅ Consult the QR Codes reading history;
✅ Generate QR Codes in a simple way;

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QR code (Quick Response) is a two-dimensional barcode, or barrametric, that can be easily scanned using most camera-equipped cell phones. This code is converted into text (interactive), a URI address, a phone number, a georeferenced location, an email, a contact or an SMS.

Initially used to catalog parts in vehicle production, today the QR Code is used in inventory management and stock control in industries and commerce.

Since 2003, applications have been developed that help users to enter data on a cell phone (mobile phone) using the device's camera. QR codes are also common in magazines and advertisements, to register addresses and URLs, as well as detailed personal information.

On business cards, for example, the QR code makes it very easy to insert this data into cell phone diaries. Capture programs or PCs with an RS-232C interface can use a scanner to capture images.

In addition to the desired information (for example a URL), the QR code stores data that guarantees its reading even if there was damage or acquired noise.

Due to error correction, the QR code can be read from a distance, without much concern with angle and focus, by simple cameras (linked to suitable applications), such as the cameras of cell phones and tablets.

When the image capture is accurate, the level of error correction may be lower. The use of a higher level of error correction allows the creation of artistic QR codes without losing their functionality. These custom codes can be in various colors and contain an embedded logo and / or image.

With personalized QR codes, you can promote a brand or product in a creative and interactive way, capturing consumers' attention, and not wasting the printed space.

The QR code indicates the type of content that was stored, for example, if it was just a number, or if it was a phrase. For this purpose, the standard establishes different ways of entering the storage. The "capacity in number of characters" depends on the capabilities of the version ("resolution" in number of modules), the mode (type of character), and the level of error correction.

The use of QR codes is free of any license, being defined and published as an ISO standard. The patent rights belong to the company Denso Wave, which decided not to use them. The term QR code is a registered trademark of Denso Wave Incorporated.

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