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App Name Pocket Translate
Latest Version 1.0.6
Update Apr 11, 2023 (1 year ago)
Size 101 MB
Category Tools
Downloads 100K+
Developer Grace Judi
Android OS Android 6.0+
Google Play ID com.communication.pockettranslate
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Pocket Translate
Make understanding easier. Translate all the foreign languages you see, and communication is so simple.
Professional VPN service, unlimited network proxy, extremely fast access to any country's URL, and smoother communication.
Take the world in your hands by using Pocket Translate. Translate what you see and understand what you don't understand. The fast response and convenient operation allow you to go unimpeded anywhere in the world.
You just need to move the phone to the language you want to understand, select the language and start the camera, and it will translate the contents to you. Of course, for language learners, you can also input text for language translation. Our purpose is to enable you to understand the meaning of these foreign languages in a timely, effective and accurate manner. Make it easier to communicate, learn and understand others, and eliminate any language barriers.
What can the Pocket Translate do for you?
-When you travel and can't understand the local language, you can take out your mobile phone.Pocket Translate will translate the pictures you take into the language you understand.
-When you can't understand what the other person is saying, or you want to translate your mother tongue to the other person. Great, we can quickly solve this problem through voice translation.
-You can search your translation history. Check them whenever you need them.
-When you see a very interesting picture on the Internet, but its content is a foreign language that you can't understand, you can save the picture to your mobile phone, Pocket Translate can help you complete the translation in an instant.
-When you buy goods from abroad and struggle to understand the instructions, you can take out your mobile phone. Pocket Translate will help you read them easily.
-When you are learning a foreign language, you can take photos to translate your learning content, and you can also input text to translate. Then you can choose Pocket Translate to read the content you need, and you can read it together, which can greatly improve the learning efficiency.
-Translate the contents of the photos taken
-Speak to translate,convenient and fast
-Select the photos in the album to translate
-Translate the input text
-Whether it's photo content or text content, you can choose to copy and read them aloud
-VPN:Communicate the world.Secure the connection of your Android device while you are connected.Protect your privacy(That we do not keep any records of your activity. )

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