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v2 · Aug 10, 2017 (7 years ago)

Story mode introduces a brand new plotline created especially for the game.

App Name Ninja Shippuden Ultimate Destiny Fight
Latest Version 2
Size 41 MB
Category Action
Downloads 50K+
Developer Memo GG Labs
Android OS Android 4.0+
Google Play ID com.narutoshippuden.ninjadestinyfight
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As an action-packed re-creation of the Naru anime, Ninja Shippuden Ultimate Destiny Fight gets the job done, but as a solid fighter, not so much.
This stylish brawler is too heavy on the button mashing and too light on the gameplay options and fighting depth to compete with other fighting games.
If you're a fan in desperate need of more portable Naru brawling, this will suffice, but fighting game purists should look the other way.
Ninja Shippuden Ultimate Destiny Fight comes with all the standard fighting game modes--Versus, Survival, and Story--none of which are fun for long.
Story mode drags you through hours of meaningless random battles as you run back and forth across the world of Narutoss performing lame fetch quests and completing uninspired missions.
The story is told through fuzzy stills from the anime and poorly condensed text that summarizes events from the show to the point that only hardcore Narut fans will be able to follow along after the first few missions.
The other modes fare a bit better because they don't drape boring quests around the bare-bones fighting.
In addition to regular melee attacks, each of the 34 fighters has a special move and a couple of combos.
The specials are easy to figure out, because they just require a press of the A button.
The combos are a lot trickier; there's no move list or chart,
which means most of the time you'll happen upon them while mashing on the two attack buttons.
There are six slots on the touch screen that hold random power-ups,
such as double damage or extra energy, but using them in the heat of battle can be tricky.
The touch-screen "buttons" are unresponsive, sometimes requiring multiple taps to register.
Since you have to take your thumbs off the fighting controls to activate them,
don't be surprised when you finally activate that extra defense power-up just as your ninja drops dead.
These power-ups seem like they would add an extra layer of depth to the fighting, but since they're random,
they tend to lead to imbalances and unfair advantages.
That's not so bad when you're playing against the computer, but it's a real pain when fighting with friends.
There are no options to turn these power-ups off, either.
Actually, there aren't many options at all--button mapping, move lists, and power-up explanations are all absent.
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