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Find my lost phone with real-time location tracker and back up important data.

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Update Jul 01, 2024 (2 weeks ago)
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MFinder Description

lost my Mobile, FIND so much easiER

Experience more features for the recovery of your lost phone. Be prepared for the loss of your mobile with MFinder. Real-time location tracker will find your mobile so much easier and faster and even secure valuable data in your phone from theft. Let MFinder locate your lost phone!

MFinder Main Function
■ Lost & Locked mode
Lost your phone? Log in to our website and switch to the Lost & Locked Mode. It prevents arbitrary use of your mobile by strangers. A message and contact information will be displayed on the lock screen to show it to someone who picks up your phone.

■ Real-Time Location Tracking
Track the location of your lost phone. MFinder Tracks lost device’s location every 30 minutes and records whether any buttons have been physically activated. If needed, estimate the location precisely by detecting nearby Wi-Fi.

■ File Backup and deletion
Don’t think you can get your phone back? Get ready to find your precious data. MFinder lets you select and backup your data directly through the File Explorer. If you can no longer find your phone, delete the data and prevent data leakage from your lost phone.
※ Functionality may be limited when the 'All files access(MANAGE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE)' permissions are not allowed.

■ Check the Lost Phone Status
Get your lost phone back strategically by using the function to check the battery level! MFinder records location and takes a photo using front/back camera whenever any buttons have been physically activated. So you can check the situation around your lost device!

■ Siren/TTS Voice Message Notification
MFinder lets you alert the loss of your device by playing a siren or TTS voice message notification. Even if your device is on vibration/silent mode, MFinder always plays the sound at maximum volume.

■ Video Call
Ask for help to someone who is around your lost phone via camera/microphone activation. You can directly ask for help from the finder of your lost device if you needed.

※ If you need help, Please contact us at

※ MFinder provides various functions to use after the subscription.

※ Required Permissions
• MFinder can request permissions to use the main functions. If you want to know more about it, please visit

※ Notification for Sensitive Permissions
• All Files Access(MANAGE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE): Back up and delete lost phone documents and other data.
>MFinder access and use certain features from your Mobile Phone, including your storage, backup files, when you have selected the 'Lost & Locked Mode' of the Services. When you turn off the 'Lost & Locked Mode', all such data collected will be deleted from our server.
>All Files Access is a user-selected permission, you can turn it off at any time in settings.

• Use ▲Photos and Videos ▲Music and Audio ▲All File Access(MANAGE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE) to provide 'Data Backup' feature while the app is in use.

• Accessibility API : MFinder collects package names using the app without storing data for physical button press detection and restricts status bar manipulation, even when the app is not in use.
>Accessibility is a user-selected permission, you can turn it off at any time in settings.

• Collect location information when tracking lost phone locations while the app is in use.

※ Functionality may be limited when the optional permissions are not allowed.

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