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v2.0.0 · Dec 13, 2018 (5 years ago)

Lag Free Global 5v5 MANGA style MOBA , Experience a Real-Time 3D MOBA Game!

App Name Light x Shadow
Latest Version 2.0.0
Size 90 MB
Category Action
Downloads 1M+
Developer Electronic Soul
Android OS Android 4.1+
Google Play ID
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Light x Shadow Description

Now join this brand new manga style MOBA and build a perfect team with your friends! Enjoy the stunning full 3D manga graphic design and innovative gameplay. Get the essence of PC version MOBA on your mobile devices!

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[Game Features]

1. Classic 5v5 MOBA gameplay!
Classic 5v5 map, enjoy the most original MOBA gaming experience!
Teamwork Gank Death Attack Penta Kill

2. 3v3v3v3 Braw Mode!
Innovative gameplay you never see before!
Chaos but fun to play against other teams

3. 20+ distinct manga heroes and 7+ fairies!
20+ manga heroes with different strengths
Power-up with 7+ fairies, 21+ additional talents

4. Make friends in the game
Chat, Dance, Celebrate victories, make some new friends!
Build a perfect team to win the battle!
What's new
Update Content:

1.New Gameplay added
[Winter Festival] Snow Battle

2.New skins added
a.Goos skin--Imperial Marshal
b.Rabbi skin--Otaku Life
c.Eireus skin--Winter Envoy

3.New systems added
a.Allies Recruiting system
b.River View system
c.New Buff Bar and Buff Icon

4.Adjustment and Optimization
a.New Battle Items added
b.Fairy Talent Loadout optimized

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