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Life-long hope partner of the people Various services of KB damage insurance With one app! (KB damage insurance official application)

App Name KB손해보험+다이렉트
Latest Version 1.5
Update Jun 14, 2024 (1 month ago)
Size 156 MB
Category Finance
Downloads 1M+
Developer KB손해보험
Android OS Android 6.0+
Google Play ID com.kbins.kbinsure
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KB손해보험+다이렉트 Description

[main function]

1. Direct insurance subscription available 365 days a year without visiting
- Direct car insurance
- Direct living health insurance
(Driver's insurance, home fire insurance, cancer insurance, actual loss insurance,
Children's insurance, pet insurance, dental insurance, overseas travel insurance,
International student insurance, long-term business trip insurance, small business comprehensive insurance,
One-day car insurance, one-day driver’s insurance, coverage analysis (coverage diagnosis), etc.)

2. Insurance claim
- Easy insurance claim
- Fast compensation progress and result inquiry
- Convenient invoice management

3. Insurance contract management
- Check the insurance contracts you have signed up for at once
- Insurance contract changes and management
- Insurance premium payment
- Car insurance premium payment in installments

4. Loan
- Insurance contract loan application and repayment
- Check loan details
- Interest payment

5. My Data
- Check asset status and statistical information
- Provides insurance status and coverage analysis
- Health missions and rewards provided

6. Login
- Easy to use various authentication methods

[Information on what to do in case of failure]

1. If the app does not install or update
① Check data connection: If you are using unstable Wi-Fi, please turn it off, or if you are using 3G/LTE, change the connection to a stable Wi-Fi environment and try downloading again.
② Please delete data or cache in [Settings > Applications > Google Play Store > Storage] and try again.

2. When the app cannot be accessed or is forced to close
: Press and hold the KB Insurance app icon and press the ⓘ button > Storage > Clear cache/data and then reconnect. If you are a step count service user, you will need to re-consent.

3. When you need to import a certificate
: Due to Google's strengthened security policy, you can use a joint certificate registered on a PC or other mobile phone after proceeding with [Import Certificate]. We provide various authentication methods in addition to joint certificates, so please refer to them when using them.

4. For other FAQs, please refer to https://m.kbinsure.co.kr:8543/MG606010001.ec.

[Other information]

- After receiving customer consent to use Google Fit, the Life Care service provides step count and calorie consumption using step information, height, weight, activity, and energy data.
- To prevent electronic financial accidents, the service cannot be used on arbitrarily modified smart devices. Security is vulnerable when using a public wireless communication network, so please use the service in a safe environment.

[Inquiry Information]

1. Representative call center (contract management, accident registration, compensation) 1544-0114, loan consultation 1544-9110

2. Direct call center
- Car insurance: 1544-8516,
- Living health insurance: Please call 1644-6955.

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