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The pandemic has given us a global view of how we can come together for a purpose behind an event that caused tragedy within families, governments, businesses, economics, politics, and religions. This has also set a clear indication that with slavery and reparations, certain tragedies in America will not be addressed with the same sense of urgency. So instead of settling with no proper closer, we rather work on new innovative solutions, and put the accountability into the hands of the people who have been affected by slavery in America directly by being the descendants of slaves; as well as the people who were not affected by ancestry but agreed that this timeline in American history was and is a terrible atrocity that is long overdue for correction and compensation.

The project and mission are to create a crypto and token coin for all Historically Black Colleges and Universities both past living alumni as well as the currently enrolled students in the present. Those who support the movement of reparations for slavery and acknowledges the sacrifice that was made to have the right to become re-educated and having our freedom, justice, and liberties in our new home of America. The coins application will show how we can create our own way of healing as African American people, then next as a nation of The United States of America. Spreading the message of support of the mobile application to family, loved ones, friends, and associates, then empowering those who have experience similar impacts of slavery and social injustice globally. Without creating war or negativity amongst others in the process, this positive innovation of love for ourselves and others, will continue to support and grow. We know how important education is and has been in America, in our past there was a fear of who could have, keep, and control the knowledge and wisdom that would be developed into industries, economies, and educational leadership in America. Through persistence to have these freedoms reinstated, this led to the most important freedom of all, the re-education of African Americans. This would lead African Americans towards inclusion and to have a voice that was long lost from days of arriving in bondage. Many stories were told and picked up along the way as this journey unfolded, of those who assisted from all walks of life, nationalities, and backgrounds. Overtime working towards freedom for African Americans to have a right to be educated and liberated, then all people regardless of the Societal class, sex, religion, and/or race supporting the same cause.

Moving forward, the value built through the support for our project will focus on more solutions, in technology, green energy, robotics, and innovation. We want to build this crypto to be a token of all we do and every person, to every company that we gain support from will lodge that support by accepting this crypto currency one day, in trade of value and in commerce.

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