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Smart GPS Speedometer & Digital GPS Speed Meter: Car, Bike, Mileage App.

App Name GPS Speedometer: Speed Tracker
Latest Version 1.2.2
Size 41 MB
Category Maps & Navigation
Downloads 100K+
Developer Govo Tech
Android OS Android 7.0+
Google Play ID gps.speedometer.odometer.speed.tracker
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GPS Speedometer: Speed Tracker Description

鈱汦xperience a safer, more informed drive with "Speedometer: Odometer for Car (Early Access)". This user-friendly app is not just a tool, but a companion for all your journeys to support you in tracking car speed correctly with HUD mode to help you control your speed. Beside, this GPS speedometer app can also be an odometer that show your gps distance

Monitor your car speed in real-time with our accurate and reliable GPS speedometer. Combining advanced technology with user-friendly design including the classical theme and digital speedometer, our speed tracker provides accurate car speedometer of your current, maximum, and average speed, ensuring a safer driving experience without internet connection.

馃Let's discover the key features of Speedometer: Odometer for Car(Early Access):

馃こThe HUD (Heads-Up Display) speedometer to increase your safe drive

The HUD speedometer is a standout addition providing the convenience of tracking car speedometer, using as vehicles speedometer without having to look away from the road. This feature is designed to promote safety and convenience, allowing you to keep your attention by tracking speedometer where it matters most - on the road. Just enable HUD speedometer b and put your device under the windshield. Specially designed HUD speedometerinterface will display the most accurate speed right on the windshield.

馃椇锔廡he GPS speedometer helps you to easily control your speed with speed limit setup

The app's GPS speedometer takes the functionality a step further. It provides precise tracking speedometer based on global positioning system technology, ensuring the utmost accuracy no matter where your journey takes you. No matter the condition or the location, you can count on the GPS speedometer to provide accurate, real-time speed data.

馃殫The Odometer for easy measure your gps total distance

馃СThe built-in gps odometer is the perfect tool for keeping track of your total distance traveled. Whether you're going on long trips, daily commutes, or any journey where distance tracking is necessary, the odometer is an essential feature that provides accurate and reliable data on the go. This feature calculates the distance for each of your trips separately, providing detailed insights into your journeys.

馃ЛFurther enhancing the functionality of this app is the customizable speed alarm. This feature allows you to set a specific vehicles speedometer, and the app will alert you when you surpass it. This is an effective tool for track speedometer and gps odometer, helping you prevent speed-related incidents, and promoting safer driving habits.

"Speedometer: Odometer for car"" is the ultimate driving companion. Its ability to provide real-time data, customizable alerts, and detailed trip information makes it an essential tool for every driver. No matter whether you want to measure your speed & distance or track your location, use our GPS digital speedometer offline because it works without internet access.

馃殭To sum it up, "Speedometer: Odometer for Car"" is more than just an app; it is a comprehensive solution for all your car needs. Its unique combination of user-friendly design, high-tech features, and reliable performance makes it a must-have for every driver with car speedometer, vehicles speedometer and HUD speedometer . Download "Speedometer: Odometer for Car"" today, and take the first step towards a safer, more informed, and more enjoyable driving experience.
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