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Globelink VPN&Protector will help you to protect your web-browsing.

App Name Globelink
Latest Version 1.2.0
Update Dec 23, 2022 (2 years ago)
Size 12 MB
Category Tools
Downloads 100K+
Developer GoForwardApps
Android OS Android 8.0+
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Globelink Description

Globelink VPN&Protector for Android is an easy to use application, that will bring all your VPN servers from the moment you downloaded the app.

Just run Globelink VPN&Protector, turn it on in a few seconds and and enjoy fast and safe connection.

But it’s not just a VPN, Globelink VPN&Protector has lots of smart features to protect your device. Excited to discover more? Here we go!

- Data leaks
- Password generator
- Websites checker
- Useful tips for your phone

This is your secure access and reliable connection anywhere in the world. Changes the location of the user to any desired. When you turn on a VPN, all your traffic is sent to a remote server, and then it gets to its destination. The path to the intermediary and from it to the resource is encrypted.

This function checks your device for leaks of user data on third-party sites. The majority of people set up accounts on multiple websites for communication, shopping, and work-related objectives. There is always a chance that hackers could break into the website and access user information. Your data is more likely to be leaked when you use the same email address and password on multiple websites.

A secure password is now a must to help keep personal data safe. But to make it complex enough and reliable on your own can be really difficult. Then password generators come to the rescue. This feature will help you generate passwords of any complexity.

Gone are the days when surfing the net was pure pleasure. Today, the Internet is more like a minefield than a playground. It's hard to take full advantage of the digital world when anxiety and suspicion become so pervasive. To minimize the risks, use the function of checking sites for security).

Even if your smartphone is equipped with 256 GB of internal memory, sooner or later you may still encounter a lack of it. This function will give tips and instructions on how to clean up unnecessary files on your phone, save space.

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