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D — Space Shooter

Prevent a galaxy attack & destroy square alien invaders in space shooter games

App Name Fire Hero 2
Latest Version 2.00.2
Update Jul 10, 2024 (3 days ago)
Size 54 MB
Category Arcade
Downloads 5M+
Android OS Android 5.1+
Google Play ID com.EveryDayGames.FireHero2
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Fire Hero 2 Description

Fire Hero 2D — Space Shooter is a minimalistic arcade scrolling shooter where your brave spaceship has to break deep into the endless galaxy shooting through alien blocks. An exciting challenge, isn’t it?

This action shooting game will put your reaction, dexterity, and concentration to the test. Strain your wits to progress constantly from level to level in the bullet hell.

Your enemies in the game are represented by dangerous space invaders looking as multicolored square blocks with numbers flying at you. The color of these blocks depends on the number on them, which will help you to understand faster how much effort it takes to destroy them — the bigger the number on a block, the harder it will be for you to crush it.

At the end of each level your ship will face a super-boss and you will have to work really hard to defeat it. Be ready for a massive galaxy attack!

Upgrade the appearance of your space shuttle, add more guns, increase their power and a rate of fire, use blasters and add satellite ships as assistants in a battle against a squad of enemies to become the invulnerable space runner. Do not forget to set the magnetic shield, so that you will not end your galaxy mission after the first clash.

However, you will not be able to install all the improvements at once: each time during the fight you will be offered to choose one of three options. Choose wisely in order to overcome future difficulties and to attack the enemy more efficiently.

The game may seem simple but don’t relax — the complexity will rise with each level. The further you go, the stronger the alien squares on the levels and the more powerful are the galactic bosses. A real test of attention and reaction speed awaits. How far can you go, buddy?

Try not just fly through galaxy obstacles smashing a cube in each range with your gun, but to destroy as many cubes on your way as you can in order to get bonus points. Shoot ‘em all!

The points you earn will allow you not only to upgrade your weapons but also to change your rocket skin. The game offers skins for any astronaut’s taste - all of different colors and shapes.

What else will definitely not leave you indifferent to our galaxy shooter?

- this game is a new classic — it refers to old school Space Invaders, or Galaga-like shooting games and other retro scrolling shooters as well as to 1945 air force (airplane) games and galaxy shooters but also presents new exclusive mechanics and modern 2D graphics;

- you can control your spaceship just with one finger;

- you will surely appreciate the well-designed gameplay;

- you may endlessly run through the galactic dust into the depth of the Space — as long as you have enough strength and patience. Set your own record!

Well, hero, are you looking forward to preventing a massive attack at the Universe? Then get your guns ready, launch the shuttle and break through the walls of treacherous alien blocks. Enjoy this arcade game both online and offline.

Good luck, brave space runner!

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