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Prank your friends with varieties of funny fart sounds for fun

App Name Fart Sounds – Fart Prank App
Latest Version 1.0.6
Update Apr 15, 2023 (1 year ago)
Size 15 MB
Category Tools
Downloads 100K+
Developer rta apps studio
Android OS Android 4.4+
Google Play ID com.fartsounds.fartprank.fartcushion.poop
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Fart Sounds – Fart Prank App Description

Fart sounds are always a fun to do fart prank with anyone. The fart app contains bundle of fart sound board to prank your friends with amazing funny fart sound. Fart sounds prank app is with high quality fart noises to play fart game with anyone around you. Farting in the public is not considered as a good manner so you can tease with a funny fart prank app. So fun with a fart bomb with just one touch on the screen.


This fart app contains a lot of funny thin fart and long farts sound to do prank with your friends. Fart prank is the funniest thing with loose motion fart sound and different fart noises for fun. Fart button will be on screen to do prank with just one tap. Long fart and other funny fart noises will be played after click on the screen button.


Different fart noises will bring up the prank fun, including 100+ fart sounds to prank with anyone around you. The Fart cushion will bring up the funny farts effect with custom timer. You can set time of 5 sec, 10 seconds or 1 minute for fart bomb to play. The funny fart prank sounds will play even the screen is in sleep mode as well.

Features of this Fart Sounds – Fart Prank App:
 Fart Sounds for Prank with Friends
 Fart Timer to set Fart noise
 Fart Prank app with thin and Long Farts effect
 High quality Fart Sounds Effects
 Loose motion short farts and funny fart sounds
 Best fart noises prank app
 Quick Prrrr fart sounds for fun
 Fart button on screen for the fart bomb
 Many funny Farts collection for the prank
 Fart Sound Mixer to create funny remix farts

This fart prank app is designed to get you out from the boring situation and discussion. Just set the timer for funny fart noise or effect and bring smile and lots of laugh on your gathering partners. This fart app will create some fun in the situation and smiles on everyone face. The custom fart sound mixer will make more exciting and funny farts for the prank purpose. So, enjoy and do fart prank with your friends and gathering.

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