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EasyCash provides personal online loan to help every Bengali.

App Name EasyCash
Latest Version 1.1.2
Update Nov 07, 2023 (8 months ago)
Size 7 MB
Category Finance
Downloads 500K+
Developer Bounce Manor
Android OS Android 5.0+
Google Play ID com.thegandhina.phandora
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EasyCash Description

EasyCash have been examined and certified to meet the following standards according to Google Play requirements:
1.Loan amount: from ৲৳3,000 to ৲৳30,000
2. Minimum period for repayment: 91 days
3. Maximum period for repayment: 365 days
4. Maximum Annual Percentage Rate(APR) : 18%-26% per year
5. Platform Fee: 3% of Loan Amount

The following is an representative example:
For ৲৳10,000 loan of 10 months, with 25% interest rate per year, the interest payable shall be as follows:
Interest Payable = ৲৳10,000*25%*305 / 365= ৲৳2,089.04
GST Payable = ৲৳10,000*3%*18%= ৲৳54
Loan amount is ৲৳10,000,Total loan repayment amount is ৲৳12,143.04 and monthly repayment is ৲৳12,143.04/183*30= ৲৳1,194.39 .

EasyCash provides non-collateral and no guarantee required online loan service to every ordinary borrower, to help every Bengali solve their financial problems.

Application steps:
1. Install EasyCash application
2. Register and fill in your information
3. Apply, waiting for approval
4. Get the money

Application Condition:
User needs to be 18-55 years old and has National Identity Card. Mobile number are also required.

Your data is 100% secure with us.We donot sell or misuse your personal data without your consent except the Lenders. Data is stored as per our privacy policy.

Contact Us:
Email: thelmasanford3928@gmail.com

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