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Dzambhala (or Jambhala) Money Mantra

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Update Jan 08, 2024 (6 months ago)
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Dzambhala Wealth Mantra Description

All Dzambhalas are said to be the wealth giving form of Avalokitesvara, this means they originally emanated from Avalokitesvara or the Compassionate Buddha.

Among the different forms of Dzambhala, the five most common are Yellow Dzambhala, White Dzambhala, Green Dhambhala, Red Dzambhala, and Black Dzambhala. Each form is an emanation of a different Buddha or Bodhisattva, has his own Buddha activity, and works on different aspects of the human consciousness in order develop the enlightened awareness necessary for reaching Buddhahood.

The puja of the Five Dzambhalas provides a unique opportunity to generate an immense amount of merits for developing the prosperity and gratitude that go with an enlightened attitude and gives participants the blessings of abundance for all resources needed in order to continue on the path of Dharma. In this sense, the Dzambhalas bestow not only financial prosperity but also the abundance of time and energy needed to practice the Dharma, Dharma friends who can help us on the journey to enlightenment, and any other resource that may be needed by practitioners in order for them to develop bodhicitta.

The empowerment of the Five Dzambhalas gives practitioners a direct connection with Yellow, White, Green, Red, and Black Dzambhalas, enabling them to cultivate the aspects of the bodhicitta mind that deal with prosperity and abundance, generosity and gratitude, and other
qualities exemplified by the Dzambhalas.

The skillful means provided by the puja, empowerment, and practice of the Dzambhalas work best with the right intention of developing bodhicitta to reach enlightenment for the benefit of all sentient beings.

But I just added another very important wealth deity, which is the king of all Wealth Gods. He is called Namtose (in Tibetan), also known as Vaisravana in Sanskrit and Bishamonten in Japanese, is a Buddha of Wealth and one of the Four Heavenly Kings (the Guardian of the Northern direction). Namtose has two main aspects: that of a warrior protector and that of a deity of wealth.

This app consists of all the money mantras of all the five Jambhalas with an additional Namtose:

- Yellow Dzambhala
- White Dzambhala
- Red Dzambhala
- Black Dzambhala
- Green Dzambhala (chanting same as Yellow Dzambhala)
- Namtose (or Vaishravana)

Let's chant all these MONEY mantra !!!!!

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