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Dynamic island for android

App Name Dynamic Box—dynamic island
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Update Nov 05, 2022 (2 years ago)
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Developer Dobest Mobile
Android OS Android 9.0+
Google Play ID com.dobest.dynamic
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*A beautiful android dynamic island.*
* ♪ Hope you will love it~ ^_^ *
Black holes or spot on the phone screen always make people crazy. Apple develops the dynamic island for IOS and alleviates it to some extent. However, Android phone users are still suffering. Now we present this elegant dynamic box, which is especially designed for Android users. I hope It can help Android users improve their user experience.

a)Music/video control. When you start to play a music/video in your phone, you don't need to go back to the player app to control it any more, it only takes a long press on the Dynamic Box and you can control it immediately.
b)Earphone connect detect. Once you connect your earphone, the Dynamic box will pop up earphone notice, to let you know your earphone is ready.
c)Volume mode detect. The dynamic box will pop up when the volume mode changed into mute/vibrate/normal, to let you know the volume state.
d) Charging detect. When you charge your phone, the Dynamic box will pop up and show you your phone is well connected.

Important permission disclosure:
AccessibilitySerivice API: we will be needing this permission to display a floating dynamic box on the top in your screen, which can prevent the dynamic box from being covered.
we will not collected or shared data using this API, please feel free to use the Dynamic Box!

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