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An app for browsing the Dreamkeepers Graphic Novel and Prelude archive.

App Name Dreamkeepers
Latest Version 3.3.0
Update Oct 26, 2020 (4 years ago)
Size 11 MB
Category Comics
Downloads 1K+
Developer Matt Dieck
Android OS Android 4.1+
Google Play ID net.latticerose.dreamkeepers
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If you love Dreamkeepers, and know people who you think would love it as well, you'll most likely understand one of the reasons it's so hard to share it - no one really has the time to sit down in front of a computer to read it, and the website - although beautiful - does not lend itself well to a mobile environment. This app seeks to fix that problem.

Released with the approval of Dave and Liz, this app is a quick-launch solution, allowing you to access the Dreamkeepers Prelude and Graphic novel archive, formatted for a mobile device.

- Fully dismiss-able navigational button-based UI
- Navigate page-by-page, or go jump to specific pages
- Bookmark your favorite pages, name them whatever you like
- Automatically updated end-page information so you can jump immediately to current
- Optional notifications to alert you to a new Prelude or Graphic Novel page
- Play a game with... Grunn?

Russian translation work done by AlexFR, Beshbarmax, Lexerus, and Hilfe. Huge thank you to Hilfe for Beta testing the RUS localization. You guys are awesome!~

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