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Download Maps, Mods, Radio and Livery for the Indonesian Bus Simulator game.

App Name Bussid Premium
Latest Version 2.2
Update Dec 04, 2023 (8 months ago)
Size 18 MB
Category Tools
Downloads 100K+
Developer Sasmaka
Android OS Android 6.0+
Google Play ID com.sasmaka.bussid
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Bussid Premium - Mod & Livery

Download Mod Bussid Tourism Bus Full of Lights Under and Old Bus

Want to feel the sensation of driving a tourist bus with under lights or an old bus in the Indonesian Bus Simulator game? We provide the best and most complete bussid mod to fulfill your wishes.

Download the Bussid Basuri MP3 horn and the STJ Cullen Bussid Mod

Get the blaring bussid mp3 basuri horn and the cool and high-quality STJ Cullen bussid mod only at Bussid Premium - Mod & Livery.

Basuri Telolet Mod and Bussid Garage Mod

Interested in the unique and funny basuri telolet mod? Or do you want to modify the bus garage in the bussid game? Find all the latest and best bussid mods here.

Download the Complete Indonesian Mod Bus Simulator

We provide various bussid mods, including bussid motor mods, bussid truck mods, and bussid pick-up mods, as well as contemporary and interesting bussid anime livery.

Basuri V3 Bussid and Telolet Basuri Bussid

Want to feel the sensation of driving a Basuri V3 bus or listening to a typical Basuri telolet? Bussid Premium - Mod & Livery provides all your needs.

Latest Bussid Mod 2023

Get the latest 2023 bussid mod and be the first to experience the exciting and interesting new features.

Download Basuri Bussid horn and Livery Bussid Anime

Enjoy the cool and contemporary basuri bussid horn and bussid anime livery only at Bussid Premium - Mod & Livery.

Don't hesitate anymore, download the Bussid Premium - Mod & Livery application now and enjoy the sensation of driving a bus that is more exciting and interesting in the Indonesian Bus Simulator game.

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