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App Name BeamBurst
Latest Version 3.0
Update Jul 12, 2024 (1 day ago)
Size 64 MB
Category Tools
Downloads 100K+
Developer CoolBoots Media
Android OS Android 6.0+
Google Play ID
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BeamBurst Description

Do you need an immediate flashlight? Our goal is to create a flashlight app that will help you literally brighten your life.

Our several categories are easily navigable, and you may click to switch between them. When you need it most, this incredible app uses the entire power of your device's LED flash to provide you with a brilliant, ultra-bright beam of light.

Do you need a celebratory mood? You can use this app as an indicator light as well! Start the celebration by adjusting the frequency. There are more various categories to explore, which you can do by clicking "next mode".
Furthermore, if you want to adjust the brightness of the light. We have you covered whether you require a soft glow or a dazzling light.

Simplicity was the primary design goal for this app. An elegant, user-friendly app that provides precisely what you need. Just give the power button a tap, and it's done! Instant illumination, no more stumbling around in the dark or looking for candles or matches. You're covered by us.
Not a flash? Not an issue. To make your surroundings more visible, use your screen. When you need a strong, intense beam of light the most, this app works to maximize the power of your device's LED flash.

Immediately turn your gadget into a strong flashlight. No requirement to bring extra tools. You may use your phone as a flexible light source. A useful ally when the power goes off. A trustworthy app that will improve your outdoor experiences.

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