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Quick touch automatic clicker app to click repeat. App auto tapper for game.

App Name Auto Clicker: Quick Touch App
Latest Version 1.0.3
Update Mar 16, 2024 (4 months ago)
Size 21 MB
Category Tools
Downloads 5K+
Android OS Android 7.0+
Google Play ID com.tap.automatic.automatictap.autoclicker
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Auto Clicker: Quick Touch App Description

The Auto Clicker: Quick Touch App - ultimate tool to automate repetitive tasks on your mobile device.

Imagine a world where repetitive tasks on your device are executed automatically, saving you time and effort. With its powerful and intuitive features, this auto clicker for games app simplifies your daily routines by automating clicks, swipes, and gestures on your screen.

The auto clicker pro app allows you to automate repetitive clicks with ease. Whether you need to perform multiple taps on a specific area of your screen, click through a series of buttons, or repeatedly swipe in a particular direction, this app has got you covered. Simply record your desired actions, set the number of repetitions, and let the quick touch automatic clicker app do the rest. It's perfect for gaming, filling out forms, testing applications, and any task that requires repetitive screen interactions.

The main features in auto clicker tapping app:
馃憜 Effortless auto click:
The automatic tap app transforms mundane and repetitive tasks into a breeze. Whether it's clicking buttons, navigating menus, or performing screen gestures, the auto clicker super fast app replicates these actions with pinpoint accuracy, freeing you from monotonous chores.

馃憜 Multiple Click Modes
Adapt the automatic clicker automatic tap app to your specific needs with various click modes. From single target mode to multi target mode, the app provides flexibility and versatility for all types of tasks.

馃憜 Advance settings:
- Time set
- Time click
- Target size
- Create config

馃憜 User-friendly interface:
The auto click button app provides a user-friendly interface, making it simple for users of all levels to set up and use.

The auto tap on screen app also offers advanced features such as randomization, which adds a touch of variability to your automated tasks. By introducing random intervals between clicks, swipes, or gestures, you can mimic human-like interaction, making your automated actions appear more natural and less predictable.

The auto clicker auto tapper app empowers you to reclaim your time and energy from repetitive digital tasks. Whether you're a professional seeking to optimize workflows or a casual user looking to simplify daily interactions, the auto clicker click assistant automatic tap app is your gateway to efficient and effective automation.

The Accessibility Service is necessary to enable auto-clicking and thus requires your authorization.
Why do we use the Accessibility Service?
We utilize the Accessibility Services API to implement the application's key functions, such as clicks, swipes, and other core features.
We are devoted to fostering a user-friendly environment and committed to not collecting personal data from our users.

Enjoy the quick tap auto clicker app now and take control of your mobile device's repetitive tasks. Let the auto clicker double tap app be your personal assistant in streamlining your mobile experience and empowering you to achieve more with less effort.

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