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Same as the printed Al Quran.Athan, Azan اذان, Qibla, Adan, Qibla, Prayer Times

App Name Al Quran for Muslims
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Update May 03, 2024 (2 months ago)
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Trusted by some 1.9 billion Muslims worldwide, Al Quran teachings cover a wide range of topics, including loyalty, respect, resilience, generosity, family, wisdom, gratitude, and guardianship. Discover the treasure that has inspired countless generations, unlock the wisdom hidden in each verse, and nurture your inner strength.

Al Quran New Features:
● The complete text of the Quran is identical to the paper version.
● High-quality Madani compliant images for clear visuals.
● Ayah bookmarking, tagging, and sharing functionalities.
● Gapless audio playback allows smooth listening experience.
● Night mode for comfortable reading in low light.
● Translations are available in over 100+ different languages.
● Offers a variety of Arabic and English fonts and font sizes.
● Complete English translation with an option for the original Arabic text or transliteration.

Key features of Al Quran App:

1. Complete and authentic text:
Enjoy the full text of the Quran, identical to the paper version, with line-by-line labels for easy reference and study.
2. High quality audio recitation:
Delight in the beautiful and clear recitation of the Quran, enhancing your spiritual experience
3. Bookmarking and Note Taking Functions:
Save your progress, record key points and insights from the Quran, ensuring continuous learning and personal growth.
4. Reading log:
Continue your Quranic journey seamlessly from where you left off with automatic page tracking.
5. Synchronized Translation:
Benefit from accurate and easy-to-understand translations of the Quran, available in over 100+ different languages.
6. User-friendly interface:
Experience a simple and intuitive interface that enhances your Quran reading experience for convenience and comfort.
7. Night Mode:
Read the Quran comfortably in low light conditions with a special night mode feature.
8. Different fonts and sizes:
Personalize your reading experience with a variety of Arabic and English fonts and adjustable font sizes.
9. Full English translation:
Choose between the original Arabic text, transliteration, or full English translation for better understanding.

Embark on a deep understanding of the Quran's content and teachings, and let its wisdom warm the hearts of those who use this application. Whether you are seeking a deeper connection with the Quran or want to apply its teachings to your daily life, the Al Quran application is your best choice.

Free yourself from the constraints of time and space and revolutionize your Quran study journey. Now you can comfortably study the Quran at home, on the go, or before bedtime, without compromise.

Make the wisdom of the Quran a part of your life and let it positively influence and nourish your heart amidst the busyness of everyday life. Download the Al Quran app now and experience a transformative spiritual awakening.

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