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v1.10.18 · Apr 25, 2024 (3 weeks ago)

Medieval Magic & Might.

App Name Night Crows
Latest Version 1.10.18
Size 154 MB
Category Role Playing
Downloads 500K+
Developer Wemade Co., Ltd
Android OS Android 8.0+
Google Play ID com.wemade.nightcrows
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New game-changer update - 'Tower of Test' drops! Immerse and enjoy!


'Tower of Test' Update (New!)

Embark on a solitary quest in a magical version of 13th-century Europe and rise through the ranks as you challenge yourself in the ‘Tower of Test’!

▪ Self-reliant thrill in Solo Dungeon 'Tower of Test' ▪ 

- Solo Dungeon Trials | Play Solo! Take risks! 

Challenging dungeon levels await, and also, of course, extensive rewards! 

- Solo Dungeon Trials | Complete Various Floor-by-floor missions.

Pit against monstrous foes and maze escapes. Hunt for hidden treasures.

Test your endurance and skill! See how far you can ascend!

▪ Elevate your game with the Glider 'Transcendence System' ▪ 

- Updated 'Transcendence System' | Grow Fast!

Collect gliders to exchange for faster growth in the updated 'Transcendence System'.

- Updated 'Transcendence System' | Enable Aerial Dominance in the vibrant battlefields!

Enhance your extra gliders to achieve superior stats and formidable attack prowess. 


Night Crows presents an engaging journey through a world where fantasy meets history, and technology harmonizes with medieval war.

Below are key highlights that make Night Crows a compelling adventure for RPG enthusiasts.

▪ Creatio Mundi: A New Old World ▪ 

🛡️ Traverse a meticulously crafted European continent, a blend of magic and medieval realism set in the 13th century. 

⚔️ Day clashes with night, and the order goes head-to-head with chaos in this dynamic setting. 

⚙️ Powered by Unreal Engine 5, the Night Crows offers an unparalleled depiction of historical Europe, where the boundary between fantasy and reality is seamlessly interwoven.

▪ Modus Vivendi: The RPG Essence ▪ 

🔮 With Night Crows, role-playing goes beyond random acts of fate. 

Your character’s progression is a true reflection of your time, choices, and dedicated effort. 

✨ Embrace the ‘Way of Life’ in Night Crows, as your character evolves through promotions and job advancements, cementing their place in the legions of the Night Crows.

▪ Alta Volare: Gaining New Heights ▪ 

🪐 The game redefines battle strategies with the introduction of gliders, bringing warfare to all dimensions. From land to sky, the space in between is your new frontier. 

☁️ Fight high above the ground, defying gravity, and embracing the strategic advantages of airborne combat.

▪ Verum Actio: Realistic Combat ▪ 

🔫 Experience combat like never before! True action comes to life as every class of weapon, from the heft of a two-handed sword to the swift release of an arrow, delivers unique tactile feedback. 

👾 Battle against menacing creatures is no longer just an act; it's an encounter that stimulates all senses.

▪ Ingens Bellum: Epic Warfare ▪ 

👨‍👨‍👦‍👦 Step into an expansive war in the name of divinity, where more than one thousand players across servers clash in grand combat. 

🎮 Night Crows transcends traditional battles, enabling players to exhibit their PvP prowess and engage in aerial maneuvers, exploiting environmental elevations for tactical superiority.

▪ Unum Forum: Global Exchange ▪ 

🤝 In a world where conflict and cooperation are the twin pillars of society, global trade is paramount. 

💰 Players from three different servers interact and negotiate within a ‘World Exchange’ system and through personal transactions. A single interconnected economy where every action can shift the balance of power—that is the world of Night Crow.

In Night Crows, history and mythology collide, offering a unique gaming experience where every decision can lead to unparalleled triumphs or unexpected downfalls in a world reimagined.

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